Why we started this: 

Claire Carmichael – Registered General Nurse

Claire Carmichael: “I started as a GP Nurse in February 2020 and found myself having my first transgender patient in my clinic for their hormone treatments with no understanding or training on this. Doing some researching, there was no training available on this for me and I was directed to an LGBTQIA webinar; which was not specific to the patient. I felt more needed to be done to help deliver best care possible to my patients so I took it upon myself to spend the next 2 years researching into this. Furthermore, I attended a private transgender clinic in London to gather more information, set up meetings with transgender people to gain their insight and advice on this, and found a lot of guidelines and research around this to gain my knowledge to be able to create and tailored webinars to help educate healthcare professionals out there.”

George Blake – Residential Support Worker and proud trans man

George Blake: “I got involved in the webinars as a transgender man to share my own story and to show the impact this has on the trans community. Because we believe that no care should be delivered without the inclusion of the person themselves.

These webinars can be tailored to each audience depending on the need and to what professionals they are delivered to. I do these webinars alongside my partner George who is a proud trans man and very open with his journey and experience which has often left people in tears hearing his story. We started these webinars in January 2022 and they have been so popular and we have had a demand for more which is great to hear. We just want to make a difference and be able to equip people with the correct knowledge and tools to feel comfortable and confident but more importantly give the best care possible to these patients. 

What do our webinars include? List not limited to and can be adjusted to what you need.

Who have we delivered our webinars to so far?

Our first transgender webinar with Learn with Nurses
  • Learn With Nurses to a combination of lecturers, student nurses, doctors, and qualified nurses. 
  • Webinars to Bucks university society group and Bucks nursing students which includes the GPN programme, public health and school nursing programmes and more being added.
  • Webinar for the probation officers and prison services in Liverpool.
  • In talks with a couple of other universities
  • REPL Group – a technology group through Wolverhampton LGBT charity for trans day of visibility. 
  • PoTS charity

We have had such great feedback from these sessions and huge lists of Q&A afterwards which has shown interest. It’s amazing to see that people genuinely want to create a better world for our trans community and anything we can do to help we are there.

What People Say

Thank you, it has been so good to learn about this. Your both such an inspiration. Thank you for all of the work you’re doing.

Bucks uni student

“It was one of the most moving, powerful and insightful sessions I have ever attended”

“George was amazing, his bravery is humbling. I couldn’t wait to

tell the kids about it”

“Thanks for your inspiration, George. I feel a lot more

knowledgeable now on the topic, though have a lot to learn.”

“OMW yesterday’s Transgender event caught me off guard and I actually can’t stop thinking about it and everything that George shared”

REPL Group

Thank you so much – such a vital and interesting session.

Post registration Public health student

Let’s build something together.